E Support Pro Solar Auto Darkening Welding Helmet Arc Tig Mig Mask

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  • AutoDarkening welding Headgear are made to safeguard your eyes
  • Ideal for higher welding procedure heat
  • Energy on/away: Completely Automated
  • Filtration system cassette dimension: 110X90X8.2mm
  • Look at windowpane dimension: 92X42mm

Item Explanation

Colour: #3

  • 1.Auto-Darkening welding Headgear are made to safeguard your eyes and encounters from ignite, spatter, and dangerous rays below typical welding problems.
  • 2.Lithium Battery power Driven with Solar power Back-up.
  • 3.Adequate face mask room and extremely secure framework.
  • 4.Ideal for higher welding procedure heat.
  • 5.Welding or Milling Choice.
  • 6.Outdoors tone sensitivity and number changeable could make the operators far more convenient whilst working.
  • 7.Big look at windowpane measurement for viewing effortlessly.
  • 8.Correct and remaining hander can choose the ideal stile.
  • 9.Auto darkening camera lens will instantly darkens to it's chosen tone amount once the lighting from welder is discovered.

Bundle Consist of:

  • 1 By Welding Head protection
4 reviews
I have used multiple welding equipment however, not a single could certainly equal this particular mig welding product, it is most simple to use and different found in concept.
4 reviews
The cost of the following product is rather reasonable and I also genuinely value that. I'm just utilizing this equipment without any challenge.
4 reviews
This unique product is generally very uncomplicated to make use of, I will be making use of this unit efficiently _ Recommended for other people.
4 reviews
If you love welding usage of welding unit for your personal Do-it-yourself performs, this mig welding equipment should be your initial conclusion.

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