ArcPro 70897 Solar Power Auto Darkening Welding Helmet - black

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  • Perfect for Arc Welding and Reducing Procedures like these for TIG, and MIG
  • Power Source: Solar Panels with Chargeable battery power. No Battery power Substitute Needed.
  • Big Watching Camera lens 3.54" by 1.38" with Double Detectors
  • Item Satisfies the Technical and Safety Regular of EN379, ANSI Z87.1 and CSAZ94.1
  • Built with Ultra violet And IR Safety: DIN 16

Item Explanation

This auto darkening solar energy welding head protection is made for use on Arc welding and reducing procedures like these for TIG and MIG welding. It functions Ultra violet/IR safety DIN 16. Lighting Condition: DIN 4. Completely automated on/with Auto Level of sensitivity Manage.

Big watching dimensions of 3.54" by 1.38" with Double Detectors. Response time (lighting to darker) in 1/5000 sec; Hold off (darker to lighting): .25-.45 sec. Auto; CSA and ANSI Licensed, style with two-way changeable cushioned headband for convenience. Consists of additional external camera lens.

4 reviews
I have used many different welding equipment but is not at least one have the ability to correspond with this specific mig welding equipment, it is extremely user-friendly and uncomplicated and different in style and design.
4 reviews
The buying price of this valuable component is quite affordable and therefore I truly understand this * I happen to be using this kind of equipment virtually no problem.
4 reviews
This unique equipment is very fairly simple to be able to make use of, I am making use of this machine without problems. Strongly suggested for all the people*
4 reviews
If you rave about welding and use welding device to use in your DIY works, then this mig welding machine is required to be your very first choice.

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