Flux Wire Welder Mig -151- Power Electric Welder

Brand: Voyager Tools
Product Code: B00VF1CPOC
Availability: In Stock
Selling Price: $399.00
  • 151 Flux Cable Welder
  • Changeable Roles And Periods
  • Moves With Tires
  • Includes Two Lbs Of Flux Cable
  • ETL Authorized

Item Explanation

This 151 Flux Cable Welder Has Changeable Roles And Periods. Also Includes Two Lbs Of Flux Cable And Tires.

4 reviews
Got this item delivered to us in less than weeks time and so the tool was at awesome pack * I suggest this item.
4 reviews
If you'd like MIG Welding and utilize welding product in your DIY works, then this mig welding equipment is required to be your first pick.
4 reviews
The money necessary for this valuable component is very cheap and I also genuinely admire this. I'm just using this equipment absolutely no issue.
4 reviews
The price of this particular item is very reasonable and so I seriously value that / Now i'm using this unit with no challenge.

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