Shark Welding 17023 MIG 175 Welder

Brand: Shark
Product Code: B007VVWQS0
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Selling Price: $796.89
Tags: mig welder
  • Gas, clamps and hose provided
  • 10-Ft Detachable Tweco design Mig Torch
  • 10-Ft Floor Cable television and Clamp
  • Welds as much as 1/4-" heavy steel
  • Enter voltage 230/5 configurations

Item Explanation

MIG 175 Welder has optimum production of 175 Amps. the device features a 130 Amps at 20-% responsibility period. This Lighting/Expert Consumer welder includes a 10 feet detachable Tweco Design firearm. It is ideal for farm or car customers. The package includes measure and may be used without or with gasoline. The device features a double groove push roll for simplicity of welding with .023 through .035 cable.

The 230 Voltage welder is our most favored welder with simple to use functions. You can use it without or with gasoline. It is capable of doing welding as much as 1/4" heavy steel; attaining 130 Amps at 20Percent Responsibility Period. 180 Amp WelderOnly - Consists of Only Measure and Garden hose.
5 reviews
The beauty of this device is in fact high quality * Top quality and various abilities formed this excellent component top of the group.
5 reviews
Gotten this device delivered to my home within couple of days and therefore the tool was perfectly in awesome parcel * I would suggest this item.
5 reviews
If you'd prefer welding and use welding product for your Do it yourself performs, then this mig welding unit ought to be your initial choice.
5 reviews
The nice thing about this product is normally superior quality. Top quality and different functions crafted this component the top of grade*
5 reviews
The money necessary for this excellent product is quite realistic plus I really appreciate this. I happen to be using this kind of unit without any condition.

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