Shark Welding 17021 Mig 190EN Welder

Brand: Shark
Product Code: B00829PEHU
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Selling Price: $491.53
Tags: mig welder
The 230 Voltage welder is reasonable with lots of simple to use functions. You can use it without or with gasoline. It is capable of doing welding as much as 1/4" heavy steel; attaining 145 Amps at 15Percent Responsibility Period. Fundamental Welder Only -Consists of Only Measure And Garden hose.
  • Hose, Gas & Clamps provided
  • 6 Feet. Connected Tweco design Mig Torch
  • 6 Feet. Grounding Earth and Cable Clamp
  • Welds as much as 1/4-" heavy steel

Item Explanation

MIG 190EN Welder has optimum production of 180 Amps; the device features a 145 Amps at 15Percent responsibility period. The Shark do-it-your self welder is perfect for occassional welding. The package includes measure and may be used without or with gasoline. The device features a double groove push roll for simplicity of welding with .023 or .030 cable.
5 reviews
The best thing about this device is certainly good quality. Quality and different functions made this excellent product the top of class!
5 reviews
Gotten this device delivered to me personally in less than day or two and the device was actually in a perfect box _ I like to recommend this piece of equipment.
5 reviews
If you'd prefer MIG Welding using welding device with your Build-it-yourself works, then this mig welding device should be your initial choice.
5 reviews
The nice thing about this product is generally good quality. Quality and unique abilities crafted this excellent unit the top of grade.
5 reviews
The money necessary for this specific component is amazingly affordable and i extremely admire this _ I'm now using this kind of equipment absolutely no issue.

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