Northern Industrial Welders Magnetic MIG Gun Holder

Product Code: B004HL21DM
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Item Explanation

That magnet MIG gun owner functions effective a 2 3/4in. magnet that clamps to workbench or part of welder, obtaining MIG torch when not being used.

Functions in straight or side to side place and it has long lasting enamel complete with zinc-covered foundation. Item Kind Gun holders and parts, Suitable For MIG firearms, Solitary, Set, or Program Solitary.

4 reviews
I have tried personally diverse welding machines however, not one of these have the ability to equal this particular mig welding product, it is really quite and different regarding layout.
4 reviews
The asking price of this valuable unit is very competitive and so I genuinely understand this * I happen to be using this equipment without any matter.
4 reviews
This one device is going to be fairly straightforward to be able to make use of, My business is utilizing this item easily * Strongly suggested for other individuals!
4 reviews
Received this device shipped to my family in only a week as well as the unit was actually in a excellent packaging / I can recommend this item.

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