LOTOS TIG140 140A DC TIG STICK Welder IGBT Dual Voltage

Brand: Lotos Technology
Product Code: B00TEOZ7YW
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Selling Price: $288.00
Tags: mig welder
  • Ranked Productivity: 140-amp DC IGBT TIG/Adhere(MMA) Welder; Ranked Responsibility Period: 35Percent
  • Enter VOLTAGE: 110~220 VAC, Double Regularity ( 50Hz/60Hz ) 30.7A @110V, 25.5A @220V
  • Multiple-USE: MMA Adhere/Tig Functionality. Can weld stainless steel/Ferrous steel, other and Copper steel materials
  • INCULDE: Tig Torch;Adhere Electrode;Floor Clamp; Pigtail;TIG Add-ons;Hands-Kept Protect; Clean
  • WELDING Capability: Weld moderate metal and stainless-steel from 18 Measure to 1/4"

Item Explanation

The LOTOS TIG140 is really a lightweight inverter Raise Begin welder that gives DC adhere and DC TIG welding ability. This is a welding device integrating IGBT featuring overall performance and effectiveness. The welder is perfect for welding jobs in which performance and portability are needed.

All ferrous copper, metal and stainless metal materials could be omni-having welded in every roles. With 120V/240V abilities, the device could be run nearly anyplace an electrical electric outlet is located, and may be used with little clear driven generators.
4 reviews
Gotten this product delivered to my family within just 7-day period and so the equipment was actually in perfect package * I propose this product.
4 reviews
Personally I have tried a number of welding products however is not at least one have the ability to match this mig welding product, it is most simple to operate and unique regarding design.
4 reviews
The price of this amazing item is definitely competitive and therefore I honestly admire that _ I am using this kind of equipment with out any issue.
4 reviews
The greatest thing about this product is in fact superior quality * Great quality and different abilities crafted this excellent unit the most notable group!

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