LOTOS MIG140 140A MIG Welder - Additional Flux Cored and Aluminum Gas

Brand: Lotos Technology
Product Code: B00S8R1ST4
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Selling Price: $369.00
Tags: mig welder
  • Ranked Productivity: 140-amp MIG Welder; Moderate/Stainless-steel: 24 Measure - ¼"
  • Enter VOLTAGE: 110V, Solitary stage 60Hz;It may be effortlessly attached to your overall 110V wall structure electric outlet.
  • Multiple-USE: Welding stainless-steel, moderate metal, aluminium(having a spool firearm) as well as other steel components
  • Cable Array: . 025"-.030" (.6-.8mm) strong metal; .030"-.035" (.8-.9mm) Flux-Cored
  • Consist of: MIG torch, floor clampAndcable television, gasoline regulator and hose, welding face mask and cable

Item Explanation

The LOTOS MIG140 includes a 140 amp MIG welder that will weld at commercial performance and quality in a very economical cost. By far the most perfect and versatile welder for do-it-your self house customers in addition to expert customers. The LOTOS MIG140 can also be spool firearm able for welding aluminium. It may be effortlessly attached to your overall 110V wall structure electric outlet and rapidly set up inside ten minutes or much less. It manages commercial regular 4" or 8" cable spools and contains a energy excess safety program to safeguard your welder.

Technological Specifics

  1. Transportable
  2. Adjustable Velocity
  3. Adjustable Velocity Call
  4. Dirt Period Percent
4 reviews
Gotten this product delivered to me personally in only 7 days and so the device was actually in amazing pack - I like to recommend this device.
4 reviews
Personally I have tried a number of welding products but not one of them could possibly correspond with this amazing mig welding machine, it is reasonably simple to use and different regarding layout.
4 reviews
The price of this amazing component is quite realistic and so I extremely respect that - I am just utilizing this equipment with absolutely no challenge.
4 reviews
The greatest thing about this product is literally good quality * Top quality and various abilities formed this item the top of the class*

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