MIG Welder - Handheld - 208 / 230V - AC

Brand: Lincoln Electric
Product Code: K2698-1
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Selling Price: $619.99
Item Explanation

MIG Welder, collection: simple MIG 180, welding Procedures: MIG/Flux Primary, enter voltage: 208/230VAC, Welded materials: Moderate aluminum, stainless and Steel metal, materials density Moderate Metal: 24 ga. to 3/16", Mobility: portable transportable, Stage: 1, ranked productivity: 130A@17.6VDC/130A@20VDC.

Item Specifics
  • Product Bodyweight: 175 lbs
  • Delivery Bodyweight: 66.2 lbs (Look at delivery policies and rates)
  • Household Delivery: Product could be delivered inside United states
  • Product design amount: K2698-1

Item Functions
  • Can setup for gasoline-totally free flux primary welding or gasoline-shielded MIG welding for aluminum, steel and stainless
  • 50-500 IPM cable supply velocity manage
  • Completely changeable push program decreases cable tangle and crushing
  • Brass-to-brass firearm link for improved conductivity
  • Cast aluminium entire body with firm push helps cable positioning
4 reviews
Got this item transported to my family just in day or two and so the tool was perfectly in outstanding pack / I like to recommend this particular product.
4 reviews
If you'd like welding and use welding equipment in your Build it yourself functions, this specific mig welding machine need to be your initial conclusion.
4 reviews
The nice thing about this device is actually good quality * Quality and different features crafted this unique unit the very best group*
4 reviews
The price of this amazing item is really acceptable and now I seriously understand this - My organization is using this kind of equipment without having any problem.

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