Factory Reconditioned Lincoln Electric U2688-2 SP-140T MIG Welder

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Item Explanation

The Manufacturer-Reconditioned Lincoln Electrical U2688-2 SP-140T MIG Welder can weld with possibly strong MIG cable or flux-cored cable for any array and it has a 30 to 140 amp DC productivity for a variety of jobs. The cable supply facilitates flux-cored welding on 18 measure to 3/16" heavy metal and strong MIG welding on 24 measure to 10 measure metal. It features a accuracy cable supply program that decreases the possibility of cable tangling and crushing. A brass-to-brass firearm link offers improved conductivity. The circuit table is closed for defense against the surroundings and is situated inside a firm plastic material holder for surprise level of resistance. The welder features a 20Percent responsibility period at 90 amps that enables it to operate 2 moments from every 10-moment time period without having getting too hot. It welder includes a welding cable and gun, flux-cored cable, strong MIG cable, gasless nozzle, gasoline nozzle, gasoline regulator andadapter and hose, get in touch with ideas, push moves, and instructional Digital video disc.


  1. Welding productivity, DC30-140 amp
  2. Responsibility period20Percent at 90 amp
  3. Enter energy120V, 60 Hz, 1 stage
  4. Measurements13.65" H by 10.38" W by 18.16" D
  5. Bodyweight54 lb.

*H is elevation, the straight range from your cheapest to greatest stage; W is size, the side to side range from remaining to correct; D is level, the side to side range from front side to back again.

Welders sign up for 2 or more bits of steel to create a single strong item by at the same time using warmth to soften them and using stress for connecting them. Adhere welders, also referred to as arc welders, make use of an electrified arc that runs from a welding adhere as well as the steel to sign up for the items. Cable-provided welders make use of an electrified cable spool which is provided in a continuous velocity involving the bits of steel to sign up for them.

Lincoln Electrical companies welders and welding materials, such as the Century brand name. The business, established in 1895, is headquartered in Cleveland, Oh yeah.

What's within the Package?

  1. (1) Manufacturer-Reconditioned Lincoln Electrical U2688-2 SP-140T MIG Welder with Magnum Professional 100L welding firearm and 10' cable television
  2. (1) gasoline nozzle
  3. (1) gasless nozzle
  4. (1) gasoline diffuser
  5. (1) cable television liner
  6. (3) .025" get in touch with ideas
  7. (3) .035" get in touch with ideas
  8. (1) function cable television and clamp
  9. (1) changeable gasoline hose and regulator
  10. (1) spindle adaptor
  11. (1) 1 lb. spool of .025" (.6 millimeters) SuperArc L-56 Moderate Metal MIG cable
  12. (1) 1 lb. spool of .035" (.9 millimeters) Innershield NR-211-Mega pixel flux-cored cable
  13. (1) .025" (.6 millimeters) push roll
  14. (1) .025"-.030"(.6 - .7 millimeters) push roll
  15. (1) .030"-.045" (.7 - 1.1 millimeters) knurled push roll
  16. (1) .025"-.035" (.6 - .9 millimeters) cable manual
  17. (1) .035"-.045" (.9 - 1.1 millimeters) cable manual
  18. (1) Instructional Digital video disc

Item Specifics

Delivery Bodyweight: 63.8 lbs

Household Delivery: Presently, product could be delivered only inside the United states and also to APO/FPO deals with. For APO/FPO deliveries, make sure you talk with the maker concerning guarantee and assistance problems.

Product design amount: U2688-2

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Got this product delivered to my home just in weeks time and therefore the unit was in great pack _ I would recommend the product.
4 reviews
If you'd like welding make use of welding unit for your Build it yourself performs, this mig welding unit has to be your initial conclusion.
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The nice thing about this device is definitely high quality. Top quality and different characteristics crafted this amazing product the top of grade*
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The price of the following item is very cheap and now I seriously appreciate that _ I am utilizing this item with no situation.

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