Hot Max 175WFGK 175 Amp MIG Welder Kit

Brand: Hot Max
Product Code: B00440DVAI
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Selling Price: $699.99

Fast Review:

  • Prepared to use correct from the package
  • Enter Energy: 40 Amps at 240 Volts, Solitary Stage
  • Productivity Present: 30-175 Amps DC
  • Unlimited wire and voltage velocity regulates
  • Manufacturer pre-hard wired for optionally available Warm Maximum SPG spool firearm

Item Explanation - From your Producer:

The Maximum 175WFGK MIG Welding Package includes all you need to begin welding nowadays such as 175 Amp MIG welder, welding cart, Kevlar sewn greyish natural leather welding safety gloves, and repaired front side broad eyesight welding head protection having a #10 tone. The Maximum MIG welder is able to weld without or with shielding gasoline correct from the package. Welds as much as 3/8” moderate metal, stainless-steel, and aluminium.

This transportable MIG welder runs using 240 Voltage solitary stage energy so it can be used nearly anyplace. Our machine is fully MIG ready and includes an Argon/CO2 hose and regulator, though other machines require costly MIG conversion kits. Our machines have infinitely adjustable wire feed AND Voltage Control which both can be adjusted while you weld. That is one special feature! No awkward selector changes to limit your voltage configurations to some couple of options.

The Maximum MIG welders can also be manufacturer pre-hard wired for your optionally available Warm Maximum SPG spool firearm - no transformation packages in which you have to rewire the device to obtain the spool firearm to operate. The Maximum MIG welder effortlessly changes polarity so changing among gasoline flux and welding primary welding is really a click. The floor clamp and MIG firearm are often eliminated that makes our device simple to shift in one place to an additional. Cable is electronically “cold” if you are not machine and welding has energy excess safety.

Consists of Warm Maximum 175WFG MIG welder, floor clamp with 9’ cable television, MIG firearm with 10’ garden hose, Argon/Carbon dioxide regulator and 5’ gasoline garden hose, 2# spool of .030” flux primary cable, .025” And .030” And .035” get in touch with ideas, gasoline nozzle for firearm, 10# spool adaptor, and motorist curler that matches .025” to .035” cable (push tire for bigger cable made available individually), Warm Maximum WC100 welding cart, broad eyesight repaired front side welding head protection having a #10 tone, and Kevlar sewn greyish natural leather welding safety gloves. Shielding gasoline will not be provided. Energy cable television is provided but energy connect will not be provided.

4 reviews
Got the item delivered to us in a matter of few days and therefore the device was actually in wonderful pack * I recommend this device.
4 reviews
If you would like MIG Welding and utilize welding machine with your Do-it-yourself functions, then this mig welding unit has to be your very first selection.
4 reviews
The money necessary for the following unit is extremely affordable and therefore I definitely appreciate this. I'm utilizing this equipment without any subsequent situation.
4 reviews
The price tag on this unit is fairly sensible plus I genuinely like that _ I am using this kind of item absolutely no condition.

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