55A-90 AMP Flux Wire Arc Mig Welder Welding Soldering Machine

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  • Double Flux/Mig Welder; Welding Amp Array: 55-90 Amp; Cord: 3-Primary, 14AWG Dual Insulated
  • Ranked Air conditioning Enter: , 18 Amps (to be used on the 20 Amps Division circuit)60Hz and 120VAC
  • Torch Energy Cable television: 6AWG Solitary Insulating material; Floor Cable television: 6AWG Solitary Insulating material
  • Energy Excess: Each configurations: 6 moments shut down, ten minutes back again up with lighting
  • Welder Suggestion: .030" and ---.040";Cable Dimension: .030"---.040" flux primary cable

Item Explanation: Consists of: .01" Welder Suggestion, Welding Deal with Protect, Cable Clean/Hammer blend

5 reviews
The buying price of this unique product is really acceptable and therefore I really love that - I'm now utilizing this tool absolutely no situation.
5 reviews
Gotten this item shipped to us in less than a week and the product was actually in a amazing parcel * I recommend this device.
5 reviews
Personally I have tried a number of welding equipment yet not one particular could possibly match up this particular mig welding equipment, it's very and different in style.
5 reviews
The price of the following product is fairly reasonable and I also genuinely like that - I am using this machine with absolutely no challenge.
5 reviews
The greatest thing about this revolutionary product definitely is higher quality / Top quality and different options generated this unique component the very best class*

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