Firepower FP120 1444-0304 120 Amp 115 Volt MIG Welder

Brand: FirePower
Product Code: B0002STQ8M
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Selling Price: $574.50
Tags: mig welder
  • 120-amp 115-voltage MIG welder
  • For use at home; functions without or with shielding gasoline
  • 4-place welding-energy manage; runs using regular 115 voltage home present
  • Consists of argon regulator, MIG firearm, power and ground tip, nozzle and cables, cable
  • 12.75 by 9.75 by 17.375 in .; 5-calendar year guarantee transformer; two years welding device; 1 calendar year firearm

Item Explanation

Benefits and Features Utilizes regular 115 voltage home currentWelds without or with sheilding gasWelds with strong or flux primary wire2lb. and 10lb. cable spool capacityIncludes: Firepower argon regulator10 feet. authentic Tweco MIG gun6 feet. floor work and cable clamp6ft. cord with plugWelding nozzle and tipSpool of .030 MIG welding wireInstruction handbook Spanish, in, French and English

Enter voltage: 115V 60HZInput present amps: 20Welding productivity voltage: 18Max. productivity amps: 110Open circuit voltage: 30Rated productivity amps: 88Rated responsibility period: 20PercentMaximum. density capability: 1/4"Cable supply velocity: 98/590 IPM -- 2.5/15 IPMH: 12 3/4 in. (375mm)W: 9 3/4 in. (250mm)L: 17 3/8 in. (440mm)Bodyweight: 51 pounds. (23.5kg)

From The Producer

The FP120 provides outstanding overall performance at a reasonable cost and runs using regular 115 voltage home present. Double Objective - Can utilized to weld without or with sheiding gasoline (welds with strong or flux cored cable) 2 lb and 10lb cable spool capability 4 place welding energy productivity manage Unlimited cable velocity realignment Lit up on/away change And lit up energy excess indication Thermostatic warmth safety Unlimited cable velocity manage 5-2-1 Firepower Guarantee

Arrives filled with: Authentic Firepower argon regulator, 10 feet. authentic Tweco MIG firearm, 6 feet. floor cable television, 6 feet. energy cable television with connect, welding tip and nozzle, spool of .030 MIG welding cable, coaching handbook

Specs: Enter voltage - 115V 60HZInput present - 20 AmpsWelding productivity voltage - 18VMaximum productivity amps - 110 AmpsOpen circuit voltage - 30VRated productivity 88 Amps @ 20Percent responsibility cycleMaximum density capability - 1/4"Bodyweight - 51 pounds.
4 reviews
Gotten this product shipped to us in a matter of week and therefore the device was perfectly in perfect parcel / I like to recommend this piece of equipment.
4 reviews
Personally I have tried diverse welding machines however, not one particular have the ability to meet this unique mig welding machine, it is really quite simple to use and different regarding style and design.
4 reviews
The price of this particular unit is amazingly competitive and i certainly appreciate that _ My business is utilizing this item with out any challenge.
4 reviews
The great thing about this revolutionary product is normally high quality / Great quality and different options crafted this valuable product the very best group.

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