Firepower 1444-0871 MST 180i 3-in-1 Mig Stick Tig Welding System

Brand: FirePower
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  • MIG, Stick, and TIG procedures inside a unit that weighs 33 pounds
  • Farms/Ranches, car-applications or on-website restoration work
  • Utilizes 208/230V and it has a maximum production of 180 Amps
  • Wirefeed speed array is 100-650 IPM
  • Optimum plate density is 1/4 inch

Item Description

The Firepower 1444-0871 MST 180i 3-in-1 machine arrive total with all the essential MIG and Adhere elements which provides even a beginner the capability to weld immediately, correct out of the box. This machine features MIG, Adhere, and TIG procedures inside a device that weighs about 33 pounds. Farms/Ranches, car-applications or on-website repair function are just some of the many things that this device can do.

The MST 180i comes with a Quick Begin guide that walks you thru the device set up-up in four simple steps. The MST 180i includes much more energy compared to the MST 140i, it uses 208/230V and has a optimum production of 180 Amps. The MST 180i is Spool Firearm capable for Aluminium MIG welding. Using the MST 180i you could be welding like a professional very quickly. MIG (GMAW/FCAW) has 180 Amps with 23 Volts at 20Percent responsibility cycle and welding productivity at 145 levels fehrenheit has 145 Amps with 22.5 Volts at 30% duty period.

Adhere (SMAW) has 175 Amps with 27 Volts at 20Percent responsibility period and a welding productivity at 104 degrees fehrenheit has 140 Amps with 25.6 Volts at 30Percent duty cycle. TIG (GMAW) has 175 Amps with 17 Volts at 25% responsibility welding and cycle productivity at 104 levels fehrenheit has 160 Amps with 16.4 Volts at 30% duty cycle. The wirefeed speed range is 100-650 IPM as well as the optimum dish density is 1/4 ".
4 reviews
Gotten this product shipped to our company in a matter of week and so the equipment was actually in a excellent parcel * I like to recommend this particular product.
4 reviews
Personally I have tried diverse welding equipment but is not at least one may match up this excellent mig welding product, it is extremely and different regarding layout.
4 reviews
The price of this particular product is fairly affordable plus I really appreciate this - I'm using this kind of product without having challenge.
4 reviews
The greatest thing about this device is certainly good quality _ Great quality and different abilities generated this excellent component the top of the group.

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