FIREPOWER 1444-0324 MiG Welder

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Item Explanation

1444-0324 - FIREPOWER - The FP125 double-objective MIG welder provides optimum flexibility. The device functions fast-alter inner polarity realignment which makes transforming from MIG (GMAW) to flux cored (FCAW) welding easy and quick.

Its versatility and 20% duty cycle also makes it ideal for medium duty general repair light and work industrial applications, though with a standard 115 volt household current, it is suitable to use for home projects.
  • Programs consist of: repairs and Maintenance, Farm/Ranch,
  • Main voltage: 120 Voltage
  • Provide connect: NEMA 5-15P
  • Guide power cord duration: 6ft (1.8m)
  • Ranked kVA @ 90 Amps: 2.8 kVA
  • Approvals: CSA House Do-it-yourself Enthusiast
4 reviews
Had the item delivered to our family within 7-day period and therefore the item was actually in superb packet. I propose this particular product.
4 reviews
Personally I have tried diverse welding units however is not one of these have the ability to match up this excellent mig welding product, it is extremely simple to use and different found in design.
4 reviews
The price of this specific item is really affordable and I also truly appreciate that. I am utilizing this product virtually no challenge.
4 reviews
The great thing about this particular product is in fact top quality / High quality and different abilities formed this unique unit the top of grade*

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