Everlast PowerCool W300 110v / 115 volts

Brand: Everlast
Product Code: B00HQSIRYA
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Selling Price: $449.00
Tags: mig welder

Functions And Advantages:

  • Enter Amps: 1.1
  • Enter Voltage: 240V
  • Enter Regularity: 50/60Hz
  • Capability: 2 gallons
  • Optimum stress: 57 pounds
  • Ranked Amperage: 350A

Important Functions:

  • Effective chilling water cooled TIG torch
  • Lightweight style
  • Big lover
  • Stainless-steel water pump
  • Copper radiator
  • Flexible with other brand names
  • Fast couplers for fast, drip proof contacts.


The Ability Awesome W300 240V drinking water colder from Everlast is made to work together with Everlast TIG welders to offer the highest chilling capability and features a unique 240V connect for your plug around the Everlast welder back board. This connect might be eliminated or altered for programs along with other brand names of welders.

The device functions colour coded fast connections for correct and rapid link from the torch outlines. The radiator is made of copper for optimum chilling ability. The Italian created water pump is made of stainless-steel having a bronze impeller for optimum wearability. The Italian commercial engine is closed for the best defense against the weather.

The typical device is 240V. 120V can be obtained for other models with 120V specifications. A nice tank keeps a bit more than 2 gallons of coolant for optimum blood circulation capability. Only use distilled drinking water or antifreeze created specifically to be used with TIG/MIG torch coolers. Usually do not use car anti- lock!

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Have this item transported to our family within few days and therefore the product was actually in outstanding box * I recommend this piece of equipment.
4 reviews
Received this product delivered to us in week as well as the item was found in a fantastic parcel - I can recommend this particular product.
4 reviews
This excellent machine is in fact very fairly simple for you to get started with, I'm really utilizing this type of items efficiently. Strongly suggested for other people*
4 reviews
The beauty of this piece of equipment is definitely higher quality - High-quality and various abilities crafted this specific component the very best group*

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