Campbell Hausfeld WS0990 115-Volt Stick Welder

Brand: Campbell Hausfeld
Product Code: B002HT1I5I
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Item Explanation:

Campbell Hausfeld 115V Adhere Welder. A person - pleasant welder that out - executes its dimension! Lightweight style, Large overall performance! Simple to use, having a sleek arc that even beginner welders can control effortlessly. Ideal for focus on page steel, car trailers, appliances for the home, and outside gear like lawnmowers.

Simple to begin, simple to use, convenient to carry, and simple to keep... the selection for novices and pros as well! Much more: Works together with regular 15 or 20-amp home shops; Able to welding stainless and mild metal from 18-ga. to 1/8"; Double warmth configurations: By shutting down when the duty cycle has been exceeded; Duty cycle, preset for 1/16" or 5/64" welding rods; Thermal overload shut-off protects welder: ten percent @ 70A; 5-yr. restricted manufacturer's guarantee; Weighs about only 23 pounds.; Consists of hammer / clean, electrode beginner package , and hands protect. A genuine handyman's helper! Purchase your own nowadays! Campbell Hausfeld 115V Adhere Welder.

From Product Producer:

This 115V, 20 Amp enter, 70 Amp Air conditioning productivity arc welder includes a steel style that enables simple connection with regulates. This basic level adhere welder is ideal for fast repairs both at home and around the significantly. The transformer style offers an simpler begin and easier arc. Predetermined welding rods demands 15 amp circuit for 1/16 in. rods and 20 amp circuit for five/64 in rods.

Energy excess safety instantly powers off and away to steer clear of getting too hot. Transportable welder with sturdy covering for intense use as well as an extra-large manage that matches all dimensions easily. Consists of hammer/clean, beginner package of electrodes and hands protect.

Item Functions:

  •     Operates on regular 115V energy
  •     Double warmth environment and energy excess safety
  •     Flexible style welds stainless and mild metal from 18-Measure To 1/8 in.
  •     Long lasting steel welder with convenience match manage
  •     Ideal for little hobby and repairs welding

Item Consists of:

  1.     115V Adhere Welder - WS0990
  2.     Hammer
  3.     Clean
  4.     Electrode Beginner Package
  5.     Hands Protect
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