Campbell Hausfeld WG3090 120 Volt Pro-140 Flux-Core Welder

Brand: Campbell Hausfeld
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Item Explanation:

The Campbell Hausfeld Professional-140 120V MIG/FLUX Welder can be used as all kinds of steel manufacturing. 120V MIG-prepared cable welder. 5 warmth configurations for exact realignment towards the density of the steel. Expert chilly torch with bring about triggered arc enables exact weld positioning, as well as the fast-link adaptor makes it simple to change.

140 Amp optimum productivity enables weld dimensions 24-measure to 1/4-". Big capacitor produces a easier arc for welding, which makes it much better for aluminium. Energy excess safety instantly powers off and away to steer clear of getting too hot. Double measure hose and regulator are provided, enabling container stress to become read through, while reading through the stress stream with the device.

The push-outdoor patio functions having an impartial engine to offer steady cable velocity. The connect-in torch provides a bring about triggered arc that allows exact weld positioning. All the welders can weld in flux-primary or MIG. Ideal forprojects and repairs, steel manufacturing, and lightweight creation.


  • Metal natural powder covered situation with extra-large manage
  • 5 warmth configurations to complement steel density
  • Weighty-responsibility push outdoor patio for steady cable velocity
  • Sturdy capacitor offers easier arc and much less spatter
  • Expert chilly torch
  • Welders consist of two additional get in touch with flux and tips-primary cable
  • Weld with flux-primary or MIG cable

Consists of:

  1. Professional-140 MIG/Flux Welder - WG3090
  2. Flux Cable
  3. (2) Get in touch with Ideas
  4. Expert Torch
  5. Floor Clamp
  6. 10 feet. Torch Cable television
  7. 10 feet. Floor Cable television
  8. Double Measure Regulator
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