Campbell Hausfeld T23745 WG2160 MIG / Flux Wire Welder

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Campbell Hausfeld 115V MIG / Flux Primary Cable Supply Welder. Lightweight, effective, and simple to use for MIG and flux welding! Transportable performer can make simple exercise of welding! If you're a novice, Welds from 24-ga. to 3/16" steel, with adjustable, consistent wire feed for smoother, more even welds... professional results every time, even!

Will go from Flux Primary to MIG-prepared using the turn of the change, having an simple-begin bring about-triggered arc. The crystal clear option for novices and pros as well! Much more: Sturdy metal situation for jobsite-challenging sturdiness on the long term; Works together with regular 15 or 20-amp home shops; Able to welding stainless and mild metal from 24-ga. to 3/16"; Built in gasoline valve and liner... no extra MIG equipment required; 4 warmth configurations for various steel density;

By shutting down when the duty cycle has been exceeded; Duty cycle, thermal overload shut-off protects welder: 20Percent @ 70A; 5-yr. restricted manufacturer's guarantee; Weighs about only 49 pounds.; Consists of beginner spool of flux primary cable, MIG regulator with garden hose, and two additional ideas. Ensure you've received the best device to do the job! Purchase your own nowadays! Campbell Hausfeld 115V MIG / FluxCore Cable Supply Welder


  1. Impartial push outdoor patio transformer offers steady cable velocity for easier welds
  2. Unlimited cable velocity manage
  3. Rotary warmth change built with 4 configurations for ideal overall performance
  4. Exterior polarity manage enables alter among Flux and MIG configurations
  5. Energy excess safety instantly powers off and away to steer clear of getting too hot
  6. Expert torch built with bring about triggered arc for quick begin
  7. Built in gasoline valve and liner, which means no extra components needed
  8. Welds metal as much as 3/16 in. heavy

Consists of:

  1. MIG/Flux Welder - WG2160
  2. (1) Flux Primary Cable
  3. (1) MIG Package (Regulator, Clamps and Hose)
  4. Fast Begin Manual
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4 reviews
If you value welding make use of welding unit for use in your Do-it-yourself works, this mig welding product is required to be your initial pick.
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4 reviews
This amazing supplement definitely is pretty not difficult to be able to get started with, I happen to be using this type of machine without problems. Strongly recommended for other people.

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