Amico Power AWF-125e MIG 115V 125A Welding Machine

Brand: Amico
Product Code: B00BLSZ7LW
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Selling Price: $129.00

Quick Overview

  • Contains welding source of energy, MIG torch with 6.5 feet. guide, soil clamp with 6 feet. guide, 2 added make contact with suggestions, a .6lb spool of flux cable, .6mm and .9mm push users and roll guide
  • Large 20 to 125 Amp welding production variety
  • Move much less cable velocity manage
  • Energy excess safety
  • Two voltage options


Full Product Description

  1. Consists of welding source of energy, MIG torch with 6.5 feet. guide, floor clamp with 6 feet. guide, 2 additional get in touch with ideas, a .6lb spool of flux cable, .6mm and .9mm travel users and roll handbook.
  2. Large 20 to 125 Amp welding productivity array.
  3. Stage significantly less cable pace management.
  4. Energy excess safety.
  5. Two voltage options.
  6. Very easily alter cable, travel moves and polarity.
  7. Guarantee: 1 year on elements.
  8. Produced from metal.
  9. Dark and red-colored shade.
  10. An ideal decision to do repairs and projects across the home, shop and farm.
  11. This MIG welder will generate a cleanser bead with much less splatter when compared to a normal flux primary cable welder.

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4 reviews
An important feature about this device is generally quality / Top quality and different features generated this amazing unit the top of grade*
4 reviews
If you value MIG Welding and use welding product for your personal Do-it-yourself performs, this specific mig welding product has to be your very first conclusion.
4 reviews
The greatest thing about this particular product is certainly superior quality * Great quality and different abilities crafted this excellent unit the most notable grade*
4 reviews
This excellent unit is simply fairly uncomplicated to utilize, I am making use of this unit smoothly. Recommended for other people*

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