AMICO AWM-185 Power 170A MIG 230V Welding Machine

Brand: Amico
Product Code: B00BLSREAY
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Item Explanation

The AMICO Energy AWM-185 Welding is the ideal option to do repairs and projects round the farm, home and shop. This MIG-170amps welder will create a cleanser bead with much less splatter when compared to a normal flux primary cable welder. The welder operates from a typical 230 voltage commercial enter energy and generates an welding selection of 35-170amps.
It utilizes regular flux-primary cable (E71-GS) or metal cable .6mm, .8mm, .9mm in size and it has 6 warmth configurations to simply modify the productivity based on the density of steel you might be welding.
The welder can simply change among gasoline-much less flux-cored welding for strong penetration on heavy metal or gasoline-shielded MIG welding on slim-measure metal, stainless-steel or aluminium. Package has: AWM-185 welding source of energy, MIG torch with 10ft. guide, floor clamp with10ft. guide, 5 additional get in touch with ideas, a .6lbs spool of flux cable, a .6lbs spool of MIG cable, .023 " and .035 " push roll,, a variable gasoline regulator having a garden hose, customers handbook.

  1. Colour: Red and Black
  2. Broad 35-170amp welding productivity array
  3. Stage-much less cable velocity manage
  4. Energy excess safety
  5. Several voltage configurations
  6. Suitable for Spool firearm
  7. Effortlessly changes among gasoline-much less flux-cored welding
  8. Effortlessly alter cable, push moves and polarity
  9. Producer offers 1 many years restricted warranty·

Item Specs:
  • Broad 35-170amps welding productivity array-ideal for finishing jobs and repairsaround the farm, shop and home or fundamental car-entire body welding
  • Stage-much less cable velocity manage-Much more dependable welds
  • Energy excess safety-guarantees enduring overall performance for many years
  • Device-much less style-effortlessly alter cable, push moves and polarity
  • Runs using 230V / 23A regular commercial enter energy
4 reviews
An important feature about this piece of equipment definitely is good quality. High quality and different abilities generated this unique unit the top of the group*
4 reviews
If you value MIG Welding usage of welding product for your DIY performs, this specific mig welding equipment need to be your very first pick.
4 reviews
The greatest thing about this piece of equipment is level of quality / High quality and various capabilities generated this valuable item the very best class.
4 reviews
This excellent item is usually very uncomplicated to be able to make use of, We are using this unit easily _ Strongly recommended for all the people.

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