Hobart Handler 500554001 190 with SpoolRunner 100

Brand: Hobart
Product Code: B005CGZNMM
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Selling Price: $849.99
Tags: mig welder
  • SpoolRunner 100 10ft (3m) plastic and cable situation
  • Comfy 10-feet. (3 m) H100S4-10 gun10-feet. (3 m) function cable television with clamp
  • Built in gasoline solenoid device and double-measure regulator with gasoline garden hose
  • Spool center set up fits 4 or 8 in. spools
  • 10-feet. (3 m) cord

Item Explanation

This outstanding worth sets the Hobart Handler 190 MIG Welder having a 10ft., 150 Amp Spoolgun, leading to a single effective welding bundle. You receive both 10ft., MIG gun along with a 10ft., Spoolgun using this provide the Hobart Handler 190 is really a effective and transportable cable-supply flux primary and MIG welder made to weld moderate metal, flux primary, aluminium and stainless-steel.
The nice working guidelines enable you to weld 24 ga. to 5/16 in metal in solitary successfully pass. Additionally it is very perfect and versatile for your welder who would like to focus on car entire body, home fixes, as well as weightier farm jobs needing additional energy. Having an strategy of regular functions like 7 productivity voltage configurations along with a double-groove fast alter push roll, the Handler 190 is really as flexible because it is effective.
Before, this exceptional package also includes the Spoolrunner 100 item #20868 to make welding aluminum easier than ever. Functions Hobart's 5/3/1 Commercial guarantee safety. Welding Cable Size in .024, .030, .035, Volts 230, Cable Supply Velocity Manage Unlimited, Cart No, Shielding Gasoline Needed No for Flux Primary, Indeed for MIG, Weldable Precious metals stainless, Steel and aluminum Cord feet 6, Weld Density in 24 ga. to 5/16 in metal in solitary successfully pass,
Amps 130 Amps @ 21.5V DC, Responsibility Period 30 @ 130A, Clamp Cable television Duration feet 10, Measurements L by W by H in 19 1/2 by 10 5/8 by 12 3/8, Mig Prepared Indeed, Gas and Regulator Garden hose provided,. Effective and Expert Outcomes Runs using 230V energy Amperage productivity 25-190 30 responsibility period @ 130 Amps Welds 24 ga. to 5/16in metal in solitary successfully pass

From your Producer

Presenting the Handler 190 with SpoolRunner 100 - 230V cable welding device bundle. This bundle is capable of doing welding 24 ga to 5/16” metal and 16 ga to 3/16” aluminium having an productivity vary from 25A to 190A. The Handler 190 is spool gun prepared to be used using the provided SpoolRunner 100. Now welders may have an inexpensive choice to weld aluminium having a little framework MIG welder from Hobart.


4 reviews
Had this device shipped to my family within 7-day period and also the device was really in great package - I suggest this piece of equipment.
4 reviews
Personally I have tried varied welding devices however is not one of them can certainly tie in with this specific mig welding machine, it's extremely convenient to use and different in concept.
4 reviews
The price tag on this item is fairly realistic plus I seriously admire this * I'm certainly utilizing this tool without any subsequent problem.
4 reviews
The cost of this excellent component is definitely realistic and so I truly understand that. I'm really using this item with no challenge.

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