Hobart Airforce 500534 250ci Light Weight Plasma Cutter with Air Compressor

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  • Hobart AirForce 250ci light-weight plasma cutter with atmosphere compressor, driven by regular home present
  • Made to reduce as much as 1/4-" moderate metal; utilizes a power arc and compressed atmosphere to reducealuminum and steel, as well as other conductive precious metals
  • Utilize it for a far more exact reduce, slimmer kerf, and much less slag to clean up with quicker slashes than oxy energy
  • Consists of 16.5-feet heavy-duty function clamp, 7 -feet cord with 115 VAC connect, additional substitute ideas, along with a practical cable television administration band
  • 10-by-7-1/2-by-13-in . at 27-lbs; supported by Hobart restricted guarantee

Item Explanation

Hobart Airforce 500534 250ci Light-weight Plasma Cutter with Atmosphere Compressor - AirForce 250ci Plasma Cutter with Built in Atmosphere Compressor

Made to reduce as much as 1/4 " moderate metal, the AirForce 250ci is driven by regular home present (115 VAC). A built in atmosphere compressor and light-weight inverter power source turn this plasma cutter a really practical, completely transportable reducing program.

Slashes quicker than an oxy/energy torch. Offers a much more exact reduce, with slimmer kerf and much less slag to clean up up. Creates a smaller sized warmth-impacted area at a lower price warping. No gasoline stress configurations or fire adjusting required. No preheating of steel before reducing. No pressurized gasoline cylinders to move. No concerns about not having enough gasoline at work. No cost for gasoline tube refills.

Simple to Set up-up and make use of

The AirForce 250ci arrives prepared to reduce from the package. No knobs to create or modify. Just connect-within the device, floor the workpiece, draw the cut and trigger.

Ideal for D-I-Y Metalworking Jobs

The AirForce 250ci does really well at reducing page steel and 1/8" moderate metal, and may even sever 1/4 " metal. It is perfect for page steel, Heating and air conditioning, car entire body, ranch and farm, and plumbing related jobs.

What's Contained in the Package?

AirForce 250ci with built in piston-powered atmosphere compressor, Hewlett packard-25 torch with 16.5 feet (5 m) guide and consumables, 16.5 feet (5 m) heavy-duty function clamp, 7 feet (2.1 m) cord with 115 VAC connect, additional consumables, a standoff manual, and proprietors handbook.

Level Of Skill: Reduced

AirForce 250ci Functions:
  • Inverter Style - weighs about only 27 pounds.
  • Built in Atmosphere Compressor - no extra compressor to buy or carry.
  • Ergonomic Torch
  • Driven by 120V, 20 amp Circuit - operates on regular home energy.
  • Article-stream Atmosphere Chilling - cools down the tip and torch right after reducing, stretching lifetime of replaceable suggestion and electrode.
  • Lover-On-Need - operates only if required decreasing dirt/particles drawn into device.
  • Analysis Lighting - Leds suggest program standing fortemperature and power, and torch preparedness getting rid of unneeded down time.
  • Energy Excess Safety - ranked for 35Percent responsibility period at 104° Fahrenheit.
  • Cable television Administration Band - Secures torch, function cable television and cord to create moving convenient and easy.

From your Producer

The Airforce 250ci utilizes a power arc and compressed atmosphere to reduce other, Aluminum and steel conductive precious metals. By using a standard household current, designed to cut up to 1/4-inch Steel. A built in atmosphere compressor and light-weight inverter power source turn this Plasma Cutter by far the most practical, completely transportable reducing program readily available.

The Environment pressure 250ci does really well at reducing page steel and 1/8 in moderate metal. Bodyweight of Device is 27-lbs.
4 reviews
Had this item transported to me personally in only 7 days as well as the product was really in amazing package. I recommend this revolutionary product.
4 reviews
Personally I have tried various welding equipment but is not at least one have the ability to match this excellent mig welding machine, it is vitally easy to use and unique found in concept.
4 reviews
The price tag on this unique item is extremely realistic and now I extremely admire that - My organization is using this product without any subsequent matter.
4 reviews
The buying price of this specific product is quite sensible and therefore I actually value that * I am just using this equipment virtually no issue.

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