Hobart 500549 Auto Arc 130 Wire Feed MIG Welder

Brand: Hobart
Product Code: B002VECKTC
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Tags: mig welder
  • Plugs right into a home electric outlet
  • Can make powerful dependable welds
  • Welder includes test spool of Flux primary cable and three substitute get in touch with ideas
  • Welds with gasoline and without having gasoline
  • 115 volts, 130 amps

Item Explanation

Hobart 500549 Car Arc 130 Cable Supply MIG Welder - Car Arc 130 MIG-Prepared Cable Welder

The Car Arc 130 cable welder effortlessly manages flux-cored welding cable along with shielding gasoline, strong welding cable. The Car Arc 130 is supported from the Hobart Car Arc 3/1 Commercial Guarantee. Every device is manufactured and designed by Hobart Welding Items in Troy, Oh yeah United states.

Car Arc 130 Demonstrated with Provided Products

Metal Restoration Task Utilizing the Car Arc 130. Demonstrated with Optionally available Cart.

Arrives MIG Prepared

For better versatility, the welder features a gasoline device for welding with strong cable and shielding gasoline. The Car Arc 130 provides you with excellent versatility and value to weld correct from the package utilizing the flux-primary welding cable. An excellent welder for the one who loves to spend some time within the garage area or store.

Simple to Set up-up and make use of

Just a couple moments for set up-up and you are prepared to weld. A weld set up-up manual is provided within the include to create your welder correctly.

Ideal for Outside Do-it-yourself Welding Jobs

portable and Small, the car Arc 130 can be used as welding: yard furnishings, mower decks, little house fixes, trailers structures And hitches, fencing.

What is Contained in the Package?

Car Arc 130 welder with 8 feet. H-9B gun, gasoline device, 10 feet. function cable television with clamp, cord with connect, additional .030 get in touch with ideas, test spool of .030 flux-cored welding cable, spool shaft to support 4 " cable spools (optionally available center package can be obtained for 8 " cable spools), and proprietors handbook.

Level Of Skill: Reduced

  • Car Arc 130 Functions:
  • Welds 24 measure as much as 3/16 " moderate metal
  • Functions away 115 voltage home present
  • 4 voltage configurations for exact set up-up
  • 30 to 130 productivity amperage
  • Responsibility period - 20Percent at 85 amps
  • Long lasting supply brain with fast-launch push roll handle
  • Double groove, fast alter push roll
  • Weighs about only 53 pounds.
  • Producers Restricted Guarantee
  • assembled and Designed in Troy, Ohio United states

From your Producer

Hobart car arc 130 1115vac mig cable supply welder. This device is 115Volt electrical device plus it welds with gasoline and without having gasoline. Welder includes test spool of Flux primary cable and three substitute get in touch with ideas.

4 reviews
Had this device transported to my home within just few days additionally the item was at outstanding package. I would suggest this revolutionary product.
4 reviews
Personally I have tried varied welding machines but not one of these have the ability to equal this excellent mig welding device, it is most user friendly and different regarding design and style.
4 reviews
The price tag on this particular unit is fairly realistic and now I seriously value this / My organization is using this kind of equipment with virtually no matter.
4 reviews
The cost of the following component is quite acceptable and i truly appreciate this _ I'm just utilizing this tool with out any problem.

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