GTSUN MIG130 130AMP Welding Flux Core Flux Wire Auto Feed

Brand: GTSUN
Product Code: B00VUCJM6U
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Selling Price: $299.00
Tags: mig welder
  • 1.MIG MMA functionality,NO Gasoline with Flux Primary
  • 2.Solitary-stage, transportable, lover-colling and cable welding device for flux(no gasoline) welding
  • 3.With energy safety, filled with MIG welding add-ons
  • 4.For welding various kinds of components like metal, stainless-steel ect
  • 5.CE ,ROHS, 1 Calendar year Guarantee

Item Explanation

GTSUN MIG130 130AMP NO Gasoline GASLESS MIG MAG Welder Device Welding Flux Primary Flux Cable Car Supply

  • Design No.: MIG-130F
  • Explanation: Air conditioning, Solitary-Stage, Transportable, FLUXWIRE WELDING Device FOR FLUX (NO Gasoline) WELDING. WITH Energy Safety. Total
  • Program: Pastime Collection And Lightweight Manufacturing,RIG HT Within The Work Website
  • Energy Voltage(V): 110/230
  • Regularity(Hz): 50/60
  • Maximum soaked up energy(KVA): 3.6
  • Soaked up energy 60Percent(KVA): 1.5
  • Mains fuse(A): 13
  • Energy aspect: .9
  • Maximum no-weight voltage productivity(V): 37
  • Present array productivity(A): 50-120
  • Maximum present productivity: 105@15Percent
  • Realignment roles: 4
  • Aluminium welding cable diam: .8-.9
  • Insulating material course: H
  • Safety course: IP21
  • Way of measuring(Millimeters): 450*240*400
  • Bodyweight(KGS): 17
  • Cod.(NO): 893020

Packaging Checklist:

  1. With welding torch,
  2. Planet clamp,
  3. Face mask,
  4. Clean,
  5. Flux Primary
4 reviews
Had the product delivered to our company within just week additionally the item was really in outstanding packet * I like to recommend this particular product.
4 reviews
Personally I have tried numerous welding equipment however is not one of these have the ability to match up this particular mig welding machine, it is vitally simple to operate and different found in layout.
4 reviews
The price tag on this amazing item is amazingly reasonable and therefore I seriously appreciate this _ I'm now using this equipment without having matter.
4 reviews
The expense of this amazing item is really affordable and so I definitely understand this - I happen to be using this kind of machine with no issue.

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