GTSUN IGBT Inverter MIG MAG welding machine MIG-150 CO2 gas welder

Brand: GTSUN
Product Code: B00KMNUO5G
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Item Explanation

IGBT Inverter MIG MAG welding device MIG-150 Carbon dioxide gasoline welder


  • Solitary-stage,transportable,lover-wire and cooling welding device for flux(no gasoline) and MIG/MAG(gasoline)welding.
  • With energy safety,filled with MIG welding add-ons.
  • For welding various kinds of components like metal,stainless-steel.
  • aluminum and Steel is availanle on ask for.
  • CE AndRoHS authorized .
  • Protable.


  • Product: MIG-150
  • Energy voltage: 230
  • Ranked enter energy : 6.9KVA/150 35Percent
  • Link cable television,fuse postponed : 60Percent 5.3KVA/120A completely 4.2KVA/100A 2.0MM²-S-2m/16
  • Weight capability 40: 150A/21.5V35Percent
  • Open up circuit voltage : 60Percent 120A/20V completely 100A/19V 22-31V
  • Effectiveness at maximum.present: .8
  • Present array : 40-150A/14-22V
  • Measurement(Millimeters) 400x180x340
  • Bodyweight(KG) : 18
  • Cod.(NO): 893027


  • With regular spareparts: MIG/MAG Welding Torch, Grounding Clamp, Mask and Brush.
4 reviews
Had the product shipped to our family within just few days and also the product was perfectly in awesome parcel _ We suggest this piece of equipment.
4 reviews
Personally I have tried several welding devices however is not one of them could certainly equal this mig welding equipment, it is rather convenient and unique regarding style.
4 reviews
The price tag on this excellent component is very realistic and so I extremely value this - I happen to be utilizing this equipment with virtually no trouble.
4 reviews
The cost of this valuable component is extremely cheap and i definitely admire that. I'm really using this tool without any subsequent condition.

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