Forney 319 270 Amp MIG Welder 230 Volt

Brand: Forney
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  • Full size MIG machine with commercial ability.
  • Flowmeter and gas garden hose included
  • Processes consist of MIG (Gas) and Flux Cored
  • Acceptable Spool Dimensions are 12, 4 and 8 "
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Product Description

The Forney 319 MIG Welder, 230 volt, CV/DC, 1-stage with 270 amp optimum productivity is really a flexible device for lighting commercial, repair automotive, farms and shops and general manufacturing. This device is MIG prepared with regulator and gas hose. This machine is really a multiple stage transformer based kind welder with 10 taps.
Welding processes are MIG (GMAW) and Flux Cored (FCAW). The Forney 270 MIG is really a new machine for Forney and provides high quality features like spool gun capability, quick "euro" disconnect torch, for a longer time gun/torch with typical consumables, additional lengthy power cord, High definition cast aluminum feed/push system with geared idler and drive moves, multiple bring about settings and high output and duty cycle with a full-sized cabinet.
This device has a digital readout and several trigger modes for spot welding. 2T for typical bring about draw on/off and 4T for suffered long welds. Thequality and performance, and value of this machine will impress. Forney Industries is one of America’s longest operating family-possessed steel working product businesses. Founded in 1932, Forney provides more than 5,000 products for your hardware, automotive, farm & ranch and do-it-your self markets.
We’ve got answers if you’ve got metal working questions. We’re focused on your success regardless of location dimension or needs. 10 feet (3.04m) MIG gun/torch. 15 feet (4.5m) power cord. Enter power is 230V, CV/DC, 1-stage. Maximum amp productivity is 270 amps. Appropriate spool sizes are 4", 8" and 12". Acceptable cable diameters are up to .045". The load is 240 Pounds. Standard U.S. gasoline garden hose set up.The Five/3/1 or Advanced Replacement warranty is as comes after with five years - parts and labor or complete replacement of transformer.
3 years - labor and parts or full replacement of all parts and components within the battery charger or welder which cover inside the exception from the transformer. 1 year - parts and labor (3 months for industrial use) for all components and parts outside of the battery power charger or welder cover, included however, not limited to cables, clamps. wheels, Switches and axle usually are not covered. 3 months for replacement components. Will not consist of work.
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