MIG-130 Gas-Less Welding Machine and Cart w/ Wheel, Automatic Feed Wire Welder

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Item Explanation
  • MIG-130 Welding Device Functions:
  • Ideal For House, Car Repair Center And Other Welding Store
  • Heavy-duty And Long lasting
  • Perfect For All Welding Programs
  • 4 Changeable Home heating
  • Perfect For Welding Moderate Metal
  • Develop In Chilling Lover
  • Adjustable Cable Supply Velocity Manage
  • Energy Excess Safety
  • Torch Functions Built in On / Away Security Manage
  • CE Outlined

  • Ranked Enter Voltage: 115V/60Hz Solitary Stage
  • Procedure: No Gasoline
  • Responsibility Period: ten percent @ 105amp / 35Percent @ 60amp
  • Welding Present: 50-120amp
  • Maximum Open up Voltage: 37V
  • Cable Capability: .023'' To .035'' Metal And Stainless-steel, .030'' To .035'' Aluminium, .030'' Flux-Cored

Welding Cart Functions:
  • Common Welding Cart with containers
  • Heavy-duty metal building
  • Powerful, Long lasting And Flexible
  • Two part hooks for cable television storage space
  • Additional storage space holder for equipment and accessories
  • Front side installed manage for quick maneuverability round the store
  • Suits Most MIG, ARC Welding Device and Plasma Cutter
  • 3 shelving for quick accessibility/storage space for welding materials
  • Ideal for home or office programs

  • Colour: Dark
  • Swivel Casters (Front side): 3"-"
  • Repaired Casters (Back): 7-1/4"-"
  • Back Base Rack: 9-3/4"(L) by 11-1/2"(W)
  • Best Rack: 17-3/4"(W) by 11-1/4"(W)
  • Center Rack: 17-3/4"(L) by 11"(W)
  • Base Rack: 17-1/2"(L) by 11-1/2"(W)
  • General Measurements: 28"(L) by 15-1/4"(W) by 27-3/4"(H)
  • Set up Need: Indeed

Technological Specifics
  • Transportable
  • Adjustable Velocity Call
  • Tires
  • Electrode Kind: Moderate Metal
  • Effect Prepared
4 reviews
An important feature about this piece of equipment is generally fine quality. Great quality and various options crafted this amazing product top of the grade.
4 reviews
If you value welding and make use of welding machine for your DIY functions, then this mig welding equipment needs to be your very first choice.
4 reviews
The greatest thing about this product is generally high quality * High-quality and various options generated this excellent product the most notable group.
4 reviews
This equipment definitely is really not difficult for you to start using, I am using this product effectively _ Strongly recommended for other people*

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