ARC Welder 200AMP Machine Fan Cooled, Single Phase Dual 110/220V, Red

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Selling Price: $109.97
Item Explanation
  1. 200AMP, Lover Cooled ARC Welder
  2. Lover Cooled w/ Thermostatic Safety
  3. Ideal For Home Or Office Programs
  4. Transportable Style With 2 Tires Provided
  5. Practical Best Install Manage
  6. Stage Much less Present Regulator
  7. CE Outlined
  8. **Customized wires is necessary for your electrial connect**

  • Ranked Enter Voltage: 110V/220V (Double Setting)'
  • Ranked Regularity: 50/60HZ
  • No-Weight Voltage: 50V
  • Present Array: 60-200A
  • Ranked Responsibility: ten percent
  • Ranked Enter Capability: 10.7 KVA
  • Course Of Insulating material: H
  • Adhere Rod Size: 2mm-4mm

Bundle Items:
  • 200AMP ARC Welder
  • Floor Cable television
  • Operating Clamp
  • Deal with Protect
  • Cable Clean/Hammer
  • Electrodes
Technological Specifics
  1. Transportable
  2. Shops
  3. Electrode Kind: Moderate Metal
  4. Effect Prepared
4 reviews
An important feature about this device definitely is excellent quality _ High-quality and different functions made this excellent unit the top grade*
4 reviews
If you rave about welding and utilize welding unit for your Build-it-yourself works, then this mig welding machine needs to be your very first decision.
4 reviews
The greatest thing about this device is literally fine quality _ High-quality and unique abilities generated this specific component top of the grade.
4 reviews
This item is in fact very trouble-free to get started with, I'm really making use of this tool effectively * Strongly suggested for other individuals.

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