160 AMP Electric ARC Welding Machine 1-Phase Rod Stick Electrode Welder Kit - Red

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This arc welder includes a practical best-install manage and Air conditioning productivity for any easy and smooth welding procedure. Created for shielded steel arc welding, the arc welder utilizes adhere electrodes, for much better welding manage. The welder is acceptable to be used on metal. Provided really are a handheld deal with protect, cable clean/cracking hammer combination and set up of electrodes.

  • 160AMP, Lover Cooled ARC Welder
  • Lover Cooled w/ Thermostatic Safety
  • Ideal For Home Or Office Programs
  • Stage Much less Present Regulator
  • Transportable And Lightweight Style For Quick Moving And Storage space
  • Practical Best Installed Transporting Manage
  • Stage Much less Present Regulator
  • Ideal For House, Car Garage area Or Any Other Commercial Welding Programs
  • CE Outlined

  • Colour: Red-colored
  • Ranked Regularity: 50/60HZ
  • Ranked Enter Voltage: 110v
  • No-Weight Voltage: 48V
  • Present Array: 55-160A
  • Ranked Responsibility: ten percent
  • Ranked Enter Capability: 8 KVA
  • Course Of Insulating material: H
  • Adhere Rod Size: 2mm-4mm

Bundle Items:
  • 160AMP ARC Welder
  • Floor Cable television
  • Operating Clamp
  • Deal with Protect
  • Cable Clean/Hammer
  • Electrodes

Technological Specifics
  • Transportable
  • Personal Tightening up
  • Effect Prepared
4 reviews
An important feature about this piece of equipment is definitely level of quality _ Great quality and different functions generated this particular unit the top grade.
4 reviews
If you value MIG Welding using welding equipment for your Do-it-yourself works, then this mig welding device has to be your first decision.
4 reviews
The greatest thing about this product is actually high-quality _ High quality and different capabilities generated this item the very best grade*
4 reviews
This excellent equipment is undoubtedly highly easy to be able to utilize, We are using this type of items smoothly - Strongly recommended for others.

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